Fruit, vegetables
and citrus fruits
from around the world


Our goal is to provide the freshest and our aim is to secure the best quality. Proven fresh produce importation from the best growing regions in the world.

Hars & Hagebauer GmbH, founded in 1882 and headquarters of the H&H Group, is characterized by many years of experience in import and trade.
Committed, trusting relationships with established producers worldwide have been maintained for many decades providing financial support for cultivation and investments: such as cold storage, sorting machines, etc.
Supplying supermarkets and discount stores in North and East Germany and Scandinavia respectively.

We provide daily selected quality and do our utmost to develop varieties and products on.

By working very closely with our producers we bring improvements in taste, provide better durability and best biological properties of our products.

Our products.

We offer fruits, vegetables, grapes, citrus and exotics from certified sources from around the world, all year round and the best quality.

Quality assurance from cultivation to harvesting to delivery.

Over many years of collaboration with selected producers, we aid in the harvest preparation. This includes technical assistance, implementation of new varieties, ongoing communication with agricultural chemical professionals that control spray plans, as well as the waste control demanded by our customers along with the required residue specification and residue monitoring.

Monitoring thorough and complete.

In our European distribution warehouses each margin is subjected to a thorough examination. Another residue monitoring lead proven laboratories immediately after ship / truck arrival at the local ports / envelope storage facilities through. The statutory provisions are consistently adhered to. The required sustainability is guaranteed.
All our envelope warehouses are certified to IFS Wholesale / Cash & Carry.

Logistics Plus:
We’ll take your goods.

Our logistics network in the North and East of Germany offers a safe and effective solution.

We make regular deliveries to food retail chains hence we can transport your products efficiently and cost-effectively.
In addition, we also offer our services for picking, quality management, loading and unloading, storage and administration.
Talk to us:
in Hamburg: afroehlich@harshagebauer.de
in Berlin: acwikla@harshagebauer.de